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Glorious ways in which the Lilies of the Bushveld treat, feed and serve humans

Throughout the ages, there have been a profound number of customs and traditions around the use of lilies. Not only have they found a decorative place in our modern-day homes, presented in beautiful vases, but they have served many cultures and religions dating back as far as Ancient Greece to bring meaning and purpose to symbolism and mythology. In China, many people also consider them a superfood because they are jam packed with vitamins. In the bush, the continuous appearance of lilies is a natural reminder of mother nature's delicate beauty. All year round and as the seasons change; lilies are in bloom. Let's take a look at a selection of the unique lilies that are found in the Klaserie Nature Reserve in the vicinity of Tulela Lodge.

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Majestic moments with the kings of the wild

As the drizzle of the rain on a cool October morning exhaled crisp cool air into the Klaserietraverse, the guests at Tulela didn’t anticipate surpassing the amazing sightings they hadalready enjoyed at the end of a three-night stay. After the ancient ritual of Amarula Coffeeon the morning drive, Werner Miller, who hails General Manager at the lodge, confidentlyguided the group on a last 15-minute drive to track the spoor of a pride of lions that they’vebeen following for three consecutive days with no luck yet...

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Safari under the stars

What if the last thing you saw before drifting off to sleep was the bright wash of the Milky Way?

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