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Stand a chance to win a photo-safari experience at Tulela in November 2021! We've partnered with some incredible brands to make this once-in-a-lifetime trip unforgettable in every single way. Competition closes on 1 November 2021 & the winners will be announced on 5 November 2021. There will be THREE lucky winners who can each bring a friend/partner. 

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Klaserie dehorns its rhino population in a move to enhance the safety of this endangered species.

In April, a team of expert pilots, wildlife veterinarians, field rangers and conservation managers from the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve undertook the mammoth task of dehorning all of its white and black rhino population.

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Podcast: Campfire Conversations with John Dixon and Troy Meeser

We sat down under Big Jack - the 400-odd-year-old Jackalberry tree under which some of our guests at Tulela might have enjoyed a bush breakfast - and got down to some seriously good safari stories. Between Brett, JD, and Troy, there are decades worth of guiding wins and epic fails, which let's face it, are more fun to talk about than the wins. 

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